Welcome to My Health blog. I currently get all of my health information from Natural Store ME which is a site dedicated to giving you information about YOUR health designed by us for us. They post articles based on Women's healthy such as this article on boosting up women's health. Please keep this blog private as I want the information to stay between friends and family.

What is my goal?

To spread information about how to be healthy. I order all of my natural health products from the Natural Store Me Health website by clickin on products (health products). I love the article about What to eat when pregnant as it helps the mother and the baby.

Garcinia Cambogia


Who I Am

My name is Mckenzie Johnson and I have lost 16 pounds using Garcinia Cambogia that I purchased from Natural Store Me. You want to purchase the six month supply of Garcinia Cambogia as you save a LOT of money.


My Workout / Eating Habits

I currently have not changed much in my life. I eat the same foods, just smaller amounts and I started walking for 20 minutes around the neighborhood twice a week. Between these minor changes and the powerful Garcinia Cambogia that I purchased online at Natural Store Me, I have lost 16 pounds in two months.

I just bought my boyfriend this Corvair Book. What do you think? He loves cars and has an interest in Corvairs, which is an odd car built by Chevrolet that has the engine in the trunk. REALLY neat, just like the VW does. He said they are air cooled, what ever that means. I found the book by going to an automotive blog called Monza Motion Performance Parts.

Corvair Parts